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She Dynasty is a platform actively building a strong and influential community of like-minded women who are driven to fulfill their professional and personal goals. Our mission is to inspire women to succeed every day, while encouraging them to support other women along their path.

What we do:
Podcast • Website • E-newsletter • Social Community • Content Creation & Integration • Events • Collaborations • Speaking Engagements

Founder + Curator + Host + Creative Director

She Dynasty was started as a passion project by Valerie Moizel, who happens to be a female entrepreneur herself. In addition to building She Dynasty, Valerie has served as the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of The Woo, an LA-based ad agency for the last 20 years. Under her vision and leadership, Valerie has grown The Woo into an agency that partners with global brands, working closely with clients such as Lenovo, Bosch, Intel, Moto, Niagara Water, OPI Nail Polish, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Samsung and many more. The Woo also proudly employs and empowers women to succeed within the advertising community.
Working alongside such strong women throughout her career, Valerie had a spark and wanted to fnd a way to give back and mentor other women to help achieve their career goals, whatever they may be. Hence, She Dynasty was born. Knowing that brands’ audiences appreciate a depth of quality content before they are willing to invest, she set out to create a year’s worth of solid work before she decided to open it up to potential partners and collaborations. A year has passed, and she has surpassed her goals and expectations. She is excited and eager to work closely with brands who have shared values and care deeply about the She Dynasty mission.

Valerie Moizel

Valerie has had the privilege of interviewing some of the most influential, powerful and interesting women in business. She long dreamed of creating a space where she could speak with women straight from their hearts, sharing their stories about their personal path to success. So, in 2018, Valerie made a decision to start her podcast, and has since had the honor of already sitting with over 50 amazing women, inspiring both herself and a younger generation.


Michelle Jubelirer

Courtney Sanchez

Gigi Goldman

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

Zanthe Wells

Sandra Campos

Amanda Baldwin

Linda Wells


the first flicker of
an ambitious idea.


the inevitable bump
in the road that
nearly breaks us.


the turning point when things start going our way.


we did it! Now let’s reset new goals, and do it again!
Through our active social presence, She Dynasty is all about women supporting women. With a strong, distinctive aesthetic and creative lens, we inspire and motivate young professionals to advance in their careers, while celebrating female creative thinkers and their accomplishments. She Dynasty’s social content also includes mentorship tips, inspirational quotes, podcast announcements, as well as highlights female artists we love. We hope you’ll follow on Instagram @she_dynasty
Our growing e-newsletter that is sent to a very curated list of working professional women offers relevant articles, tips and advice, plus gems of wisdom to help female readers advance in their careers. It also includes links to hear our podcast, reviews of products we believe in with shoppable links to buy, and features our Woman of the Week, who is an up and coming entrepreneur that we are excited to promote.

Why would a brand want to collaborate with us?

Authenticity, Authenticity, Authenticity. If you care about what we care about, it’s a perfect match.

Who is the tribe that follows She Dynasty?

Our demographic is professional women age 23-45 who have a desire and drive to grow both professionally and personally in an often male-dominated business landscape. These include both self-starting entrepreneurs, as well as women who chose to navigate the corporate ladder. They care deeply about their personal growth and welcome the chance to support other women along the way.
Our audience is niche, highly engaged and invested in the content we are putting out. They value the open conversations and straight-talking advice given on the platform.

What kind of partners are we looking for?

She Dynasty seeks to create close partnerships with brands that support our mission of female empowerment and believe in the work we are doing. At the same time, She Dynasty offers a platform and voice for brands who wish to be an authentic part of the conversation.

Why don’t we share our audience numbers?

She Dynasty has a solid, growing number of loyal, highly engaged, quality listeners. Each week, our numbers grow exponentially. However, we think sharing numbers is only part of a story and not the most interesting part. Above a mere marketing venture, She Dynasty is looking for brands that believe in our mission, our highly targeted audience and wish to grow with us. We believe a relationship started of shared values is key to everyone’s success.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Send us an email at: [email protected]
Being the Executive Creative Director and co-owner of her own agency has its major perks. With a highly experienced team of social strategists, art directors, copywriters, designers, photographers, producers and full video production capabilities in-house, Valerie’s agency can create awesome custom content and events, tailored to your brand. Through a collaborative process, her main goal is to deliver high quality work that will engage your audience in a meaningful way.

We inspire women to succeed everyday.


Great partnerships happen when everyone cares about the same things and has a common goal. Shared values is what drives us. If it’s important to you it’s important to us. If it’s important to us, it’s important to our audience. We are looking to create meaningful collaborative work that enhances the lives of our audience, and we think you are too.
Valerie and her team hand pick and curate wildly inspiring successful women to interview on her podcast. The conversations are real, the emotions run deep and the end result is nothing less than inspiring. This comes at no cost to your company, however if you have a product or service, we encourage allowing Valerie to sample so she can speak authentically about her experience on the podcast.
  • 1 hour 20 minute recording session (you have full editing rights, we want you to LOVE it!)
  • Static social post
  • Animated social post
  • Instagram story
  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Giveaway opportunity (optional)
You will have unlimited usage rights to use these assets on your own social channels. On occasion, a micro-influencer co-host is brought on to complement the conversation and amplify the content on their own social platforms.
Many of our clients have asked if they can do more with us after the initial
podcast. We have designed a program that can make that happen.
Custom multi-media content packages are available. Please contact us at [email protected] to set up a call to discuss the endless possibilities.
Lead by Valerie Moizel, She Dynasty has a dedicated team of artists and creators that will create and provide custom content through the lens of She Dynasty. This content is seamlessly woven into the fabric of creative expression and will excite and resonate with your audience.
We believe it’s our role to see our partners succeed and provide them the means and resources to help audiences engage and capture your brand’s essence to customize and enrich their experience.



  • Dedicated shows
  • Customized interviews
  • Product endorsement
  • Live reads
  • Sponsor exclusivity

Custom Content Creation

  • Customize social content
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Social amplification

Video Production

  • Concepted videos
  • Animated/motion graphics
  • Long form video
  • Live broadcast


  • Sponsored events
  • Customized events
  • Networking/panels


  • Sponsor mentions
  • Dedicated e-newsletter

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Interested in collaborating with us? Contact us at [email protected]


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