Every episode gives a uniquely inspiring woman the platform to share her story. With each new guest, a completely different journey is revealed. The more we talk, the more we learn. So let’s listen to each other, ask questions and keep growing our community of amazing women who span all different generations, careers and paths.


She Dynasty is proud to present our podcast, celebrating Women Who Rule.

What is a woman who rules?

That’s a big question with a simple answer: to us, it’s a woman who owns it.

And what is it?

It is the ability to realize your potential while helping others succeed along the way. 



Christy Desai

Co-founder, CEO, and LMFT at Okay Humans

This week, Christy Desai speaks with us about the importance of taking risks, following your intuitions, and advocating for yourself. Christy is revolutionizing the world of therapy and mental health through her innovative approach to normalize getting help. Her career insights and expertise in the world of psychology and mental health are truly inspiring and are sure to impact change in the therapy space.


Lisa Ross

U.S. CEO, Edelman, the largest communications firm in the world

This week, Lisa Ross speaks with us about the “beautiful burden” of being a black female CEO in a time of unrest and inequity and walks us through her life’s work in and out of the office, highlighting the importance of showing emotion, taking care of your community, and driving change. Her story offers invaluable advice and illustrates the power of compassion and emotion in business: something that is often overlooked.


Amy Shecter

CEO of Ever/Body

This week, Amy Shecter spoke with us about her experience climbing to the post of CEO, the ins and outs of working in the cosmetic dermatology industry, and the thrill of bravely jumping into entrepreneurship.


Vicki Shabo

Senior Fellow for Paid Leave Policy and Strategy, New America Foundation

A leader in the fight for national paid medical and family leave, discusses advocating for gender equity in the workplace and what we can do to support common sense policy change and close the wage gap.


Lara Sweet

Former Chief People Officer of Snap Inc.

Lara Sweet talks about life in the C-Suite, finding your passion, and the importance of being known as a problem solver.


Rashida Hodge

VP of Azure Data and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft

Rashida speaks about her challenges and triumphs working as a black female executive at two major tech companies and dives into what it means to stick up for yourself in the workplace and how to say yes to opportunities.


Jennifer Hollingsworth

COO of Lionsgate

Jennifer speaks about being part of the C-suite at Lionsgate motion picture group, advocating for yourself and others, learning to lead, and how hard it can be to stop apologizing.


Suzanne Somers

Actress, author, singer, and health mogul

The iconic Suzanne Somers of Three’s Company speaks with us about the ups and downs of creating her legacy as an actress, author, singer, and health mogul.


Kerstin Emhoff

CEO of PRETTYBIRD, Ventureland & Pipelines

Kerstin talks about how she went from dancing ballet as a young girl in Minnesota to starting three very successful companies that create world-renowned content while working to transform the entertainment industry for the better.


Emily Ketchen

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Intelligent Devices Group & International Markets at Lenovo

We’ve got a real force in tech this week! Emily Ketchen, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Intelligent Devices Group & International Markets at Lenovo, joins us and takes us through her incredible and unique journey from growing up a ‘third-culture kid’, to leading the acceleration of Lenovo's global marketing transformation. Tune in to hear about how embracing change, taking risks, and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable became Emily’s professional edge!


Nathalie Walton

VP of Brand and Social Impact at Babylist, Co-Founder & former CEO of Expectful

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month with Nathalie Walton, VP of Brand and Social Impact at Babylist and Co-Founder & former CEO of Expectful! Nathalie joins Valerie and opens up about the risks she took in the name of entrepreneurialism, the sacrifices necessary to do so as a new mother, and her path to becoming the CEO of the mental health app she used during her own pregnancy.


Toni Newman

Best-Selling African American Transgender Author and Director of The Coalition for Justice and Equality Across Movements at NMAC

It was such a pleasure to have Toni Newman join us and share her amazing story on International Trans Day of Visibility! From a scholarship student and self-proclaimed “sissy boy,” to being the Interim CEO of the Black AIDS Institute and the Director of The Coalition for Justice and Equality Across Movements at NMAC, tune in now to hear about the incredible experiences that led her toward becoming her authentic self - a proud trans woman.


Dr. Renee Dua

Founder of Renee and Founder of Heal

For the first time in She Dynasty history, we’re welcoming back a return guest! Dr. Renee Dua, who founded Heal in 2014, is back with a whole new enterprise and revolutionizing the healthcare space once again with a personal health assistant, Renee. Listen now to learn more about how caring for her aging parent sparked the need for Renee to automate herself in order to provide the care that they, and everyone deserves.


Bianca Gates

CEO and Co-Founder at Birdies

We’ve got a real powerhouse this week - Bianca Gates, CEO and Co-Founder at Birdies is with us talking about how she left her dream job at Facebook and built one of the fastest growing footwear companies out of the need for stylish home slippers that are perfect for entertaining! Head to any major podcast platform to listen to this episode. Valerie’s also joined by a special guest co-host!


Peggy Ang

Global Executive in Consumer & Brand Management, former CMO/SVP of Marketing at LG Electronics

Peggy Ang, Global Executive in Consumer & Brand Management and former CMO/SVP of Marketing at LG Electronics, is sharing her journey with us this week and taking us through her illustrious career. Listen to Peggy’s story of how being born to a traditional Chinese family and being raised in the Philippines in a very nontraditional way lead her to the states where she rose to the very top of her field!


Danielle Cohen-Shohet

CEO & Founder of GlossGenius

Danielle Cohen-Shohet, CEO & Founder of GlossGenius, is with us this week talking about the perfect marriage between beauty and technology! Listen in while we discuss how her passion for doing makeup and her brilliance in teaching herself to code led to the birth of the biggest software company focused on helping salons & spas run their businesses.


Analisa Goodin

Founder & CEO of Catch+Release

Valerie’s found a twin flame in the Founder & CEO of Catch+Release, Analisa Goodin. Tap the button below to hear how Analisa’s content licensing platform is revolutionizing the space by allowing companies - including the Woo - to license anything they find on the internet!


Kim Shapira

Celebrity Dietician and Nutrition Therapist

We’re switching gears for this episode, and doing something we’ve never done before on She Dynasty! Instead of our normal format, we have Kim Shapira, Celebrity Dietician and Nutrition Therapist, doing a live session with Valerie where she takes her through The Kim Shapira Method. Listen in as Kim explains the difference between her method and traditional dieting, and reorients our attitudes with food and the way we interact with it!

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